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A Little History of LFA...

Love From Australia was launched in 2003 to bring Genuine Australian-made ugg boots to the UK.

Today, the brand which is sold in boutiques and independent stores across the globe, has become synonymous with luxury and style and clever in-trend twists on the classic Aussie icon.

LFA specialise in customised boots, combining the comfort of sheepskin with a little glitz and glamour and have worked with some fabulous British and European designers (Matthew Williamson, Antik Batik...)

With many new sheepskin boot brands and ugg copies appearing on the high street, it's important to know that all LFA boots are hand made from Australian grade A double face sheepskin. LFA Tan on site to create the unique colour range and refresh the styles with updates and twists to stay ahead of the imitations.

In 2005 LFA brought you the Nomad, picked up by celeb fashion icon Sienna Miller and yummy mummy, Jools Oliver. Waiting lists shot into the hundreds and the quietly successful brand was placed firmly on the winter must have lists. Sienna and Jools still head up the long list of celeb customers and as LFA don't do celebrity give aways all the celeb wearers bought their LFA boots in a store, which means so much more.