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Love From Australia Boots | LFA Boots is the official Love From Australia shop for surplus stock from LFA. All of the boots that do not make it to the stockists are sold here with amazing discounts. We have perfect boots that are simply just last year's stock and also boots in the seconds range.

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LFA - Shop Standard

We have a limited amount of boots of the same standard that you would expect to see in the shops. We are able to offer them to you at a discounted rate because they have a very minor colour variation to the rest of the stock but are perfect in every other way.

Love From Australia Seconds

Because LFA have such a high level of quality control, every boot that is displayed by the stockist must be of absolute perfect quality. So what happens to boots with just the slightest of defect, whether it be a slight mark from manufacture, the smallest of scuff from distribution or simply that they are an end of line product? They come here and are sold to you at a discounted price.

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Sizing & Fit

LFA boots are Australian sizes which are the same as UK sizes. They do need to fit very snugly to start with - so we recommend you buy the size on the sole which matches the UK size of your feet. If you are a half size, please choose the next size up. They will feel tight at first but sheepskin stretches very quickly with wear and in time will mould to the shape of the foot.

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Remember - LFA boots are meant to be worn with bare feet - for max comfort and because the sheepskin allows the feet to breathe.

The natural properties of sheepskin make LFA boots ideal for kids.

A Little History of LFA...

Love From Australia was launched in 2003 to bring Genuine Australian-made ugg boots to the UK.

Today, the brand which is sold in boutiques and independant stores across the globe, has become synonymous with luxury and style and clever in-trend twists on the classic Aussie icon.

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"the must-have boot is no longer an Ugg. It is a luxury sheepskin boot made by Love From Australia, and worn by Sienna Miller the actress. Ugg-wearers beware..." (The Independent 18 Jan 06).